Paper straws

Specifications : 
    6mm*21cm / 6mm*22cm 4000PCS / BOX
    8mm*21cm / 8mm*22cm 3000PCS / BOX
12mm*21cm / 12mm*22cm 2000PCS / BOX

Introduction : The material of paper straw is raw paper or craft paper. Besides of hygiene,

                        it can also be recycled, decomposed and reused.

                        This product is fully responding to environmental protection.

Banboo straw 

Specifications :
    6mm*21cm / 6mm*23cm 4000PCS / BOX
    8mm*21cm / 8mm*23cm 3000PCS / BOX
12mm*21cm / 12mm*23cm 1600PCS / BOX

Introduction :

made of natural bamboo fiber, does not contain chemical substances and plastic materials,

biodegradable under natural enviornment.

Sugarcane straw

Specifications :
    6mm*21cm 4500PCS / BOX
  12mm*21cm 2000PCS / BOX

Introduction : 

The sugarcane straw contains natural sugarcane fiber and polylactic acid (also known as PLA),

and does not contain 5P (PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET) general plastic components, so if it is buried,

it will decompose into water and carbon dioxide.
Because it contains natural sugarcane fiber, each batch of sugarcane straws will have a slightly

different color due to the plant fibers of red sugarcane and white sugarcane,

and the plant fibers on the straw can be seen in the sugarcane straw,

which is different from the smooth and transparent or transparent plastic straws.
Sugarcane straws are disposable products, heat-resistant from -20 to 50 degrees C.

If the straws are used multiple times a day, for environmental protection,

they can be cleaned and used multiple times in a single day before discarding.
After being buried, the sugarcane straw can decompose more than 90% in about 180 days
At present, the Sugarcane straw inspection has been obtained:

Biodegradable environmental protection label, SGS, in line with FDA, PIDC,

plastic-free 5P and EU regulations