What is the difference between Possmei's Gold Taro Powder and Taro Powder?

​There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives adding into our Gold Taro Powder.

The color of the Gold Taro powder is toned by using natural ingredients,

and the purple sweet potato is used as a blend.This product is suitable for making cold drinks,

hot drinks and even smoothies.Different from the Taro powder, the Gold Taro Powder is made from taro Taiwan

local Taro . Gold  Taro  powder emphasizes its naturalness and does not contain any preservatives,

so the color and taste will be different. In terms of color, the Gold Taro Powder has a brighter purple color,

while the Taro powder has a grayish purple color. The taste of these two powders is also slightly different.

Both types of powders are sold all over the world. Among them, the Gold Taro powder is one the best seller.

It is popular in everywhere .