What is Bubble Tea? 

Things You Must Know about Bubble Tea. – Part II


Q4. What is difference between bubble tea and other drinks?

The soul of bubble tea is adding tapioca peal or other topping into drinks and drinking them together.

Bubble tea is the only one kind of drink that people can chew topping and drink tea at the same time.

Also, bubble tea is the only one kind of drink that needs to be drank through thick straws.

Bubble tea is not only a drink but also the combination of beverage and dessert. Two kinds of

enjoyment in one cup of bubble tea! This is the most special part of bubble tea.


Q5. There are various drinks in a bubble tea shop, which one is bubble tea?
The original bubble tea was just a kind of drink with the combination of tapioca pearl and black milk tea.

After few years, people started to ask for innovation and new flavors so businessman created different flavors

of bubble tea to meet customers’ requests. Bubble tea now is considered as a concept of drinks. In a bubble

tea shop, people can choose a variety of different base drinks such as fruity tea, floating cream tea and taro

milktea to go with different topping to make their customized bubble tea.

The flexibility of bubble tea makes it become the most diverse, most varied and international beverages that

can be adjusted to suit different countries and taste preferences.


Q6. Why bubble tea tastes so different in different bubble tea shop?

Bubble tea is a kind of beverage that can suit customers’ preferences by adjusting recipes. Tastes may be

different because of sweetness, amount of ice, concentration of tea and amount of creamer. In addition, using

different sources of materials will change tastes of bubble tea just like different origins of coffee beans makes

different aroma of coffee. This feature allows different tea shops to develop their own tastes and

characteristics.Nowadays, every brand of tea shop has their own supporters and customer loyalty.