The things that you need to know before creating your own brand

To open a bubble milk tea shop, you need to prepare some basic equipment such as sealing machine, fructose machine, and shake machine. Also, some useful tools like shaker, measuring cup, pearl net, and tea container. According to the size of your store and your budget, you can choose the right amount of equipment. It is recommended to start with the necessary machines and appliances, such as sealing machines, fructose machines, shake machine and tea containers. Possmei provides a variety of machines and tools. In addition to the three basic machines mentioned above, there also have other convenient equipment such as ice shaving machine, snow ice machine, tea and coffee maker, these machines is usual for selling smoothies and desserts in addition to drinks. Moreover, displaying container, water heater and refrigerator can also be purchased and exported by Possmei.
Some necessary equipment can improve the efficiency and accuracy of making beverage. First, the sealing machine can completely seal the cup to prevent the beverage from spilling out of the cup, and it is also convenient for takeout service. Second, the fructose machine can help you control the sweetness of each beverage. It is easy to operate and has a heat maintained function, which can save time and accurately control the sweetness. Third, the shaker machine ensures that every drink mix well. Forth, the tea brewing machine can ensure that the tea brewing style is following the same process and in the fixed temperature, which can make sure that the tea quality and save labor cost. These machines are not in big size and can easily put in your shop helping you operating your bubble tea business.
The sealing machine, fructose machine, and shaking machine are the most basic machines for opening a bubble tea shop.


1. Sealing machine: It’s one of the most important equipment in the bubble tea shop.

1. Size: 34(L) *36(W) *61(H) cm
2. Weight: 23kg
3. Voltage: 110V/220V 400W
4. Cup sealing speed: 450 cups / HR
Having a sealing machine can let each drinks have a good sealing quality, and you can also change the sealing ring in order to seal different sizes of the cups. What’s more, customize sealing film pattern is possible. Design your own logo on the sealing film and make your drinks look extraordinary and attractive. There is variety of sealing film materials can be chosen. There are many functions of the sealing machine, such as automatic/manual sealing modes, heating, induction and emergency stop button. Besides, the machine is safe and easy to maintain.


2. Fructose machine: Can quickly provide accurate sugar amount.

1. Size: 26(L) *36(W) *42(H) cm
2. Weight: 9kg
3. Voltage: 110V/220V 300W
4. Serving amount setting: 5cc-200cc±3c.c.
You don't need to measure the sugar level every time. The fructose machine can help providing the sugar amount accurately and quickly every time. The sugar serving amount of the fructose machine are all set before shipment. Pour the fructose or other kinds of sugar into the fructose machine, then the machine is ready to use. Basically, the factory setting button No. 1 is 5c.c, 2 is 10c.c, and so on. Sometimes, the serving amount will vary according to the density of different types of sugar (fructose, sucrose, honey). It is also quite easy to adjust the serving amount. The cleaning and maintenance steps are also very simple. The machine is also equipped with a sensing device, which will make a warning sound when the sugar is below the sensor.


3. Shaking machine: It is a machine design for the bubble tea shops.

Possmei offers two kinds of the shaking machine: horizontal shakers and rotary shakers.

Specifications of horizontal shaker:
1. Size: 33(L) *25(W) *33(H) cm
2. Weight: 19.8kg
3. Voltage: 110V/220V 75W

Specifications of vertical shaker:
1. Size: 31(L) *27(W) *33(H) cm
2. Weight: 24kg
3. Voltage: 110V/220V 50W/60W
The shaker machine can help mixing the beverage well. If the drink is not properly mixed, customers may taste the powdered or unevenly distributed drink. Having the shaker machine can not only ensure the quality of the drink, but also reduce labor costs.
According to the certification, the following three certifications are the main equipment certifications in the United States and Europe. Most of our company's machines have passed these certifications. In addition, the machines sold by our company have a one-year warranty. If there is a problem such as a machine failure, Possimei will assist our customers to solve problems.

1.UL certification (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) is an organization in the United States that formulates and certifies product safety standards. In the US, the UL certification is the most reliable and safe certification for consumers. The machine which has UL certification obtained the highest recognition in the world. Most of our company's machines have passed UL certification.

2.NSF certification (National Sanitation Foundation), the National Sanitation Foundation of the United States is a non-profit independent organization dedicated to testing the impact of water, food, air, and environmental factors on public health. The machine which passed NSF certification means it can achieve the ability to remove impurities as indicated in the product manual, the materials that make up the product will not add polluting ingredients to the water. And is complied with the production process requirements and does not have structural and functional defects. Also, the verification standards shown in the sample data and logo are true and accurate.

3.CE certification (Conformite Europende), which means "conforms to European standards." The machine has CE certification indicates that the product fully complies with the relevant provisions of the EU directives. Whether the product is produced by EU enterprise or another country, if it wants to circulate freely on the EU market, it must be affixed with the "CE" certification. To ensure the product complies with the basic requirements of the "EU Technical Coordination and Standardization New Method".


Possmei’s “Tea shop consultant service” provides a complete one-stop service, from management consultant, brand design, interior decoration, training program, equipment arrangement and materials R&D. Our professional team will guide customers to open a brand new bubble tea brand. Possmei is not just a material supplier; we also help our customers to create their own bubble tea brand. Possmei dedicate to the overseas market and has rich experiences in different regions and countries. Therefore, we will provide different plans and suggestions for our customers to fit in the local culture. The “Tea shop consultant service” is a 5 days course, including brand and shop design, equipment and raw material planning, menu development and professional skills training. All members of Possmei will accompany with the clients to establish their own bubble tea shop.



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