In addition to bubble milk tea, what other options can Possmei offer?


Snow Ice: In addition to smoothies, snow ice is also loved by many people.

Besides having various flavors of snow ice powder, ready-made snow ice cubes are also provided.

Just directly put the snow ice cubes into the snow ice machine to shave,

then can produce the dense and smooth snow ice.


Taiwanese dessert : grass jelly dessert with all kind of sweet bean , tofu pudding,taro ball

and sweet potato ball will rich your menu .


Egg waffles: Direct use of egg waffle powder to blend, it's convenient and can save time.

Put the well mix egg waffle liquid into the exclusive machine,

and the traditional Taiwanese snacks can be easily produced.


Taiwanese Fried chicken: Prepare chicken and apply fried chicken coating on thetop,

and then after deep fried the chicken adding some salt and pepper powder on the top,

then can make a delicious and fragrant Taiwanese fried chicken.