Q1.Is Tapioca Pearl (Boba ) gulten free ?

Yes, it is.

what is gluten?

Gluten-free flour are made from plants that are naturally gluten-free.

Since gluten is the skeleton of the dough,

without this means you have to make adjustments in the portion of other ingredients.

A usual way is to add starch, such as tapioca starch,

to enhance the binding power of the dough and improve the skeleton.

Q2.Can I learn bubble tea knowledge from Possmei bubble tea college ?

Yes, you can! Our bubble tea college includes not only how to brew tea,

cooking tapioca pearls, make all kinds of different flavored milk tea,

pecial drinks, and also the overview of the industry,

bubble tea knowledge you need. We also help you with

operation of the machine, store layout, and advertising material.

And so much more for you to find out!