Q1. What is the necessary machines for mixing bubble tea ?

1.Shaking machine is the most save effort for mixing bubble tea, it could mix each cup of bubble tea with same

strength, direction, and time, which could keep the flavor and quality stable

2.Sealing machine for you to save time , can seal tight the drink just in few seconds and won’t spill out 

Fructose machine for you to control same sweetest for each drink , it will also help you for customization

sweetness .

Q2 . Is there boba machine for me to make my own boba ?

Yes , there is a boba machine to make your own boba. With our Possmei Tapioca Starch Powder,

all you need to do is add water to it and mix it together into tapioca starch dough. Then place it

into the boba machine, it will automatically turn the tapioca starch dough into round handmade boba.

You can also create your own fruit tapioca via Possmei Tapioca starch powder .