Q1: What is best kind of bubble tea?

Ans: There are so many kinds of Bubble Tea. It’s hard to define what kind is the best. Consumers can choose

according to their preference to make their best kind of bubble tea.

Bubble tea can be customized. You can choose how strong you want for your tea, the size and the sweetness

of your drinks, and the different flavor of based tea. “Create your own best kind of Bubble tea”!

Q2: Is bubble tea good for you?

Ans:We won’t say bubble tea is a healthy drink or a Energy drink which improve your body function ,

Let’s just consider it as tasty drink to fulfill your taste bud and Oral craving . But of course you can

choose your own sweetness to control calories for your body .

Q3: Are tapioca pearls vegetarian?

Ans: Yes.

The main ingredients of tapioca pearls are tapioca starch , but in some countries , they may use

potato starch, or corn starch , but there is only made by tapioca starch will have chewing texture .

Q4: Is boba tea bad for you?

Ans: No matter what kind of food , Excessive intake is always not good for your body ,

and for bubble tea , it may lead to obesity .But you can also use some methods to reduce the burden.

1. Replace creamer with fresh milk: reduce the intake of calorie and trans fat and increase the nutritional value.

2. Reduce the amount of sugar: For example, no sugar or less sugar . It can reduce the

intake of sugar and prevent the obesity.

Q5: How long do tapioca pearl last?

Ans: After cooking, tapioca pearl should be kept at room temperature, but do not put in the refrigerator

or freezer which can cause the texture turn hard and not chewy. It is recommend to consume within

3-4 hours after cooking Reseal the unused pearls in the package, store it in the refrigerator  and

use up within 2-3 days. The change of temperature and moisture level could affect pearl’s quality.

Q6:How to cook tapioca pearls?
Ans: The weight ratio

 Tapioca pearls: Water = 1:10

 Tapioca pearls  500g (11LBS)

 Water        5000c.c. (176oz)

 Fructose      100c.c. (3.3oz)
Cook for 35 mins, stew for 35 mins

A.Sieve the tapioca pearls to remove the crushed pearls and starch.

B.Put tapioca pearl slowly into the pot with boiled water. Meanwhile, stir the pearls continuously to

prevent they stick together. After the pearl float on the top of water, set the timer (35mins) and

turn to middle fire, then cover the pot to half. Remember to stir the pearl every 3-5 mins.

C.After the time’s up , turn off the fire and cover the pot completely to stew another 35 mins.

D.After 35 mins, try the pearl to see if they are well cooked. If the pearls taste still a little bit hard,

we can stew for 5 more mins. If they are well cooked, pour the pearls into the filter to remove the

sticky skin of pearl and wash the pearl with cold water. After wash them 1-2 times, texture of pearl

will be more chewy. Last, put the pearls into a bucket and add 100c.c. (3.3oz) of fructose and leave

them for 15 mins. Then the tasty pearl are ready. 

Q7: How long does it take to cook tapioca pearl?

Ans: The standard cooking time for Possmei tapioca pearl is around 1 hour and 10 mins

Cook for 35 minutes and stew for 35 minutes

If you like harder or softer tapioca pearl , you can also adjust cooking or stewing time .

However, the cooking time is also depending on the size of tapioca.

The smaller tapioca pearl you cook , the less time it take

Q8: How do you make tapioca pearls?

Ans: In Taiwan , it’s made by tapioca starch , that’s why we get it’s chewing texture .

You can easily buy tapioca pearl from factory or vender . But you can also buy a small

tapioca machine and tapioca starch to produce your own tapioca pearl for your shop