Analyze Taiwan Bubble Tea Market through the Black Sugar Milk Tea

Black Sugar latte becomes a trend in Taiwan 2018 summer. You can see people drinking Black Sugar Latte

on the street everywhere. Not only bubble tea stores sell blackSugar latte, convenience stores also jump

on the bandwagon and lunch in stores. A lot of people are wondering why a simple beverage which just

put tapioca pearl,black sugar and milk together can be so popular. However, the success of Black Sugar

milk tea is not a coincidence.

Black Sugar latte is made by thick and rich fresh milk with black sugar flavored tapioca pearl; it tastes sweet

but not too rich. Furthermore, not only the taste is beloved by customers but also the appearance is unique

and beautiful, which attracts people to take pictures and then share on social media.

Black Sugar latte seems really easy to make, but actually, it takes a lot of skills. In order to soak black sugar 

into tapioca pearl, time and thickness is two key of black sugar latte that is really hard to control. The black 

sugar pearl will taste insipid or too soft if the cooking time is too short or too long. The balance point is really
hard to get, vendors can keep trying to find the best recipe. This is the secret that Black Sugar latte has 

become so popular and gets a bunch of fans to support. 

Taiwan Bubble Tea market is like fashion world, bubble tea stores blossom everywhere; Market competition

is getting more and more intense. Businesses are all striving to lead new trends by innovation things continually
to their shop to avoid elimination by the market.

Bubble tea market now is facing a drastic competition; a bubble tea shop has to create something unique as

its significant product instead of copying other store’s menu to impress customers. In addition, marketing and 

advertisement are also the keys to success. 

Creating a powerful brand with unwavering customer loyalty can only be achieved by consistently providing

new products and services. In other words, a successful brand is built upon its core value and unique selling

points. Entrepreneurs should aim to create an attractive brand and maximize public and social media

exposure.Creating a connection that resonates on an emotional level. This prevents the brand from becoming

a flash inthe pan in the competitive bubble tea market.  Building a bubble tea brand with strong foundation

is the key to success, ensuring growth and expansion both domestically and internationally, creating a bubble

tea empire of your own.