What are basic machinery required for a bubble tea shop?

The basic machines required by a bubble tea shop are mainly fructose machine, shaking machine,

and sealing machine.

-Fructose Machine

To quantify fructose, it can quantify a variety of different sugar types. The microcomputer controls

the accurate sugar output. It’s simple and convenient, which helps to improve work efficiency and

maintain quality. At the same time, there is a heating pipe inside, which can be heated in winter

to prevent the syrup from crystallizing.

-Shaking Machine

To fully shake the shaker cups to make the beverage well mixed, it yields stronger foam effect with

ice cubes shaken together. The machine saves labor cost, improves work efficiency and

maintains quality.

-Sealing Machine

To seal cups with films well, it prevents the beverage inside the cup from spilling out.

Different cup types are matched with different sealing films.

There are also automatic and manual operation functions,

which can be switched according to different needs.

There is also a statistics of the total number of cups sealed, which is convenient for store operations