"Raise our head, look forward to the Corporate Identity starting from the Humanism"

“Humanism”,” Creativity” and “Professionalism” are the basic concepts in the design of POSSMEI’s

corporate logo. Designers developed from the “P” , the first letter of POSSMEI, and integrated into the

“Portrait” (humanism, vision), “Straw”(tea drinks, fun),”Big tree”(Professionalism, training) and “flames”

(foundation, creativity), which symbolize the “perfection” within . With the philosophical idea behind our logo

, delicious Taiwanese bubble tea has been promoted world wide.

Mission Statement

In POSSMEI, we hope to bring a variety of bubble tea material, and design them especially to share with people

easily. In order to fulfill this wish, we keep ourselves creative and innovative regarding product development,

materials purchase, manufacture, brand designing and operating. 

POSSMEI integrates and renews the whole bubble tea industry, and is the first one establishing and responsible

to its core value as a brand. POSSMEI has established a foundation in Taiwan with one goal in our mind, to provide

high quality product and impeccable customer services, along with efficient method on cost reduction and new

product development. We obtain all bubble tea materials in Taiwan and keep creating new products, turning a

simple cup of bubble tea into a highly innovative industry.


"Make your dream come true"

At Possmei, you could not only find bubble milk tea related materials, but also full knowledge regarding opening

of a tea shop in any foreign country. We have a professional consultant team, from operation, brand design, space

arrangement, training, equipment setting and material exporting which enable Possmei to be the most reliable

partner for all our customers.